dream theater

Dream Theater is an American progressive metal band. They are well known for the technical draftmanship of their musicians and use of comedy during concerts. Drummer Mike Portnoy, who later went solo, is a big Zappa fan.

The song 'Take the Time' from their album "Images & Dreams" (1990) samples the quote "Wait a minute" from Zappa's conversation at the end of his song Dancin' Fool: "Wait a minute, I've got it. You're an Italian."
Mike Portnoy dedicated the Dream Theater album "Awake" (1994) to Zappa.

In 2009 the group also performed during a Zappa Plays Zappa concert in Chicago.


  dream theater: images and words
    (1992, cd, usa, atlantic atco 7567-92148-2) – 'take the time’ samples 'wait a minute' (frank zappa)




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