drummers double bill

"The impulse to form the "Drummers Double Bill" emerged when Rob Verdurmen, drummer for the Willem Breuker Kollektief since 1974, discovered how much fun composing could be. Although he had written several pieces for the W.B.K., that ensemble played works penned principally by Breuker himself."



  • Rob Verdurmen

  • Arend Niks

  • Arjen Gorter

  • Corrie van Binsbergen

  • Joost Buis

  • George Pancraz

  • Alex Coke

  • Rutger van Otterloo

The picture on the right, shows the band during their tour in China in Danyang, July 2004.



  drummers double bill: s.o.s.
    (2005, cd, nl, bvhaast 0703) - feat. corrie van binsbergen
  drummers double bill & jan wolkers: 2 texel
    (2007, cd, nl, bvhaast 0306) - feat. corrie van binsbergen
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