dr. yo

Dr. Yo recorded a tribute to his musical heroes, called "Unoriginal Masters". It is available for download at his website:


Track 8 is "Walter Westinghouse", written by The Residents.


Dr.Yo: Unoriginal Masters

  1. "Sex Medley"    8:23
      "Sex Bomb" (Flipper)
      "Plastic Fantastic Lover" (Jefferson Airplane: Marty Balin)
      "Slip It to the Android" (Chrome: Damon Edge / Helios Creed)
      "Yours Truly, 2095" (Electric Light Orchestra: Jeff Lynne)
      "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" (Roxy Music)
      "Discipline" (Throbbing Gristle)

  2. "Kill for Peace"  (The Fugs)   2:00

  3. "I Dream of Wires"   (Gary Numan)  3:57

  4. "905"  (The Who: John Entwistle)   4:17

  5. "Saviour Machine"   (David Bowie)   4:31

  6. "Myopic Void"   (Captain Beyond: Caldwell / Evans)  4:12

  7. "No Man's Land"  (Syd Barrett)   2:42

  8. "Walter Westinghouse"  (The Residents)  3:29

  9. "White Punx on Dope"  (The Tubes: Evans / Spooner / Steen)  5:44
       interpolating lyrics from:
       "Anarchy in the UK"     (Sex Pistols: Cook / Jones / Matlock / Rotten)
       "Rollercoaster"     (13th Floor Elevators: Hall / Erickson)
       "What Use?"     (Tuxedomoon: Reininger / Brown / Dachert)

  10. "VR Killed the Video Star"  (Buggles: Horn / Downes / Woolley)  2:26
       Created in collaboration with XIAN

  11. "Death Medley"     7:22
      "Bela Lugosi's Dead"    (Bauhaus)
      "Joan Crawford"     (Blue Öyster Cult: A. Bouchard / Roeser / Rigg)
      "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"     (Blue Öyster Cult)
      "Dust in the Wind"     (Kansas: Kerry Livgren)
      "Born, Never Asked"     (Laurie Anderson)
      "Graveyard"     (Butthole Surfers)
      "I Am Stretched on Your Grave" (Trad., arr. King / Sinead O'Connor,
            rearr. Dead Can Dance: Brendan Perry)
      "Theme from Doom" [sort of]     (Bobby Prince)
      "The End"     (The Doors: Morrison / Manzarek / Krieger / Densmore)

  12. "Armagedley"     5:40
        "In the Year 2525"     (Zager and Evans)
        "War Pigs"     (Black Sabbath: Iommi / Osbourne / Butler / Ward)


-- info: Ive Hapers



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