aynsley dunbar

blue whale (5)
    incl. 'willie the pimp' (frank zappa)

1970 lp uk reprise/warner bros k64062
1970 lp uk charly cr 30142
  lp uk warner brothers ws 3010
  lp f byg 529015
1970 lp ger charly cr 3038
1979 lp ger metronome #mlp15395
1994 cd  fr crypto/temple/spalx cd14814

= recorded march & april 1970

aynsley dunbar: drums
tommy eyre: piano, organ
ivan zagni: lead guitar
peter friedberg: bass
charles greetham: saxophone
edward reaysmith: trombone
paul wiliams: vocals
roger sutton: lead guitar

produced by aynsley dunbar & colin caldwell

  1. willing to fight (p.williams)
  2. willie the pimp (frank zappa)
  3. it's your turn  (p.williams)
  4. days  (p.williams)
  5. going home  (p.williams)