duo sonare


  duo sonare: duo sonare plays debussy, albeniz, piazzolla, zappa
    (1993, cd, ger, soundstar sst 31111) - incl. ‘igor's boogie’,’oh no’,’idiot bastard son’,’uncle meat’ (frank zappa)
  duo sonare: plays mike oldfield tubular bells
    (????, cd, ??)


random notes

     from: charles pater (charpa@flevonet.nl)
yet another fine classical rendition from the zappa songbook. this time a classical guitar duo: thomas offermann and jens wagner, both of them university teachers (berlin, bremen, essen), came together in 1984 to form duo sonare. they have given concert tours and workshops in europe, usa, the middle east and far east.  always nice to see zappa in the company of debussy, albeniz and piazzolla.  notice the slide on oh no!
recorded at kulturamt hardtberg, bonn august 1992

     from: "fekete istvan dr." (ifekete@daten-kontor.hu)
the members of the duo are thomas offermann and jens wagner, two german guitar teachers.  the duo has another interesting cd where they cover mike oldfield's tubular bells  
duo sonare plays mike oldfield: tubular bells
mdg scene
mdg 630 0628-2
barcode: 7 60623 06282 2

1. "tubular bells part I"
2. "tubular bells part II"
3. "the sailor's hornpipe"






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