dupree's paradise

Dupree's Paradise took part in the 5th edition of the Zappafest in Milwaukee, December 11, 2004.



info from Fly:

Announcing the 5th annual Zappafest where local bands get together and perform nothing but Frank Zappa tunes. This year's line up includes "Dr. Chow's Love Medicine", "Dog Feud" and "Dupree's Paradise".

Shank Hall is at 1431 N. Farwell. Cover is only $7.00 and it starts at 9:00 pm.

More info from Fly, after I asked him:

I don't know what to tell you besides that once a year, we gather together to play tribute to Zappa.

These bands don't play him much, or at all, the rest of the year. The band I play guitar with is "Dr. Chow's Love Medicine".  Others this year include "Dupree's Paradise" and "Dog Feud".  Also playing will be Mark Shurilla and "Wowie Zowie".  Mark usually plays the music of Buddy Holly and Roy Orberson during the summer to make money and also performs as "McTavish" doing Irish Rock.  He is also in "The Electric Assholes", or "the Blackholes" when they have to censor their name, doing polka punk.  I do not think any of us has a web site.  I am not the organizer but have played every year with Dr. Chow.  The guy who does put it together is Jeff Platt.

But, as I said, one night a year, next Saturday the 11th, we will be only doing Zappa.




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