jim dvorak, paul dunmall, mark sanders and chris mapp

cherry pickin'
    - incl. 'zapped' (quote : 'it can't happen here' (frank zappa))

2014 cd uk slam productions slamcd294

recorded 10th july 2013 at birmingham conservatoire

paul dunmall: tenor saxophone, saxello
mark sanders: drums
chris mapp: bass
jim dvorak: trumpet, voice

produced, engineered and mastered by simon hall

  1. e.d.'s muse  (dvorak)
  2. if i'm gonna have to choose  (dvorak)
  3. love's own prayer  (dvorak)
  4. miller's tail  (dvorak)
  5. zapped  (dvorak)  //  quote: 'it can't happen here' (frank zappa)
  6. getty's mother burg  (dvorak)  //  from lord buckley's 'gettysburg address'
  7. as above, so below  (dvorak, dunmall, sanders, mapp)