eclectic maybe band

the blind nightwatcher's mysterious landscapes
- feat. michel delville

2018 cd uk discus 67cd

recorded october 2, 2016

joe higham: electronics, soprano saxophone, doudouk
roland binet: flute, tenor saxophone
guy segers: bass, samplers
dirk wachtelaer: drums
catherine smet: keyboards
michel delville: electric guitar

edited and mixed by guy segers
mastered by pierre vervloesem

all the tracks were spontaneously coposed in the studio by the musicians

  1. plui étanche
  2. manipulation en absence d'action
  3. gradual assistance
  4. seconde permission secrète
  5. e-forks and ornaments
  6. gobsmacked distraction
  7. hidden wave variation
  8. suppôt provisoire
  9. erased evidence