eclectic maybe band

reflection in a moebius ring mirror
- feat. michel delville

2018 cd uk discus 83cd


joe higham: electronics, soprano saxophone, doudouk
roland binet: flute, tenor saxophone
andy kirk: synthesizer, guitar
guy segers: bass, samplers
dirk wachtelaer: drums
catherine smet: keyboards, piano
michel delville: electric guitar
dave newhouse: bass clarinet, soprano sax
angel ontalva: guitar
cathryn robson: vocals
carla diratz: vocals
franck balestracci: synth and drums
eric lemaitre: guitar
martin archer: alto sax
jean-pierre soarez: trumpet
ariane plumerel: violin
sigrid vandenbogaerden: cello

edited and mixed by guy segers
mastered by pierre vervloesem

all the tracks were spontaneously coposed in the studio by the musicians

  1. horizontal bounce
  2. socle de gouache
  3. oncoming season wake
  4. liquid tempo in a lost period
  5. practiced decent proximity
  6. day of the tsunami
  7. dérive sous rive gauche
  8. spreading an invisible stream
  9. belgian rin drop
  10. quoi?
  11. the perfume of the flying room