ella guru

the first album
    - feat. jimmy carl black

2004 cd uk banana records - banana 2


  john yates: vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, piano, clarinet, fender rhodes, hammond b3, harmonica
  christian burwood: electric & acoustic guitar, banjo, keyboard
  nik kavanagh: bass guitar, vocals
  brendan moore: drums
  kate walsh: vocals
  scott marmion: pedal steel guitar
  nick kellington: cornet, ukulele, electric guitars, vocals
  bob picken: bowed double bass, cello
  jimmy carl black: vocals
  andy frizell: baritone & tenor saxophone, alto flute
  ian gardiner: vibraphone

produced by john yates and steve powell

  1. noisy insects

  2. they called for us

  3. augustus golden

  4. park lake speakers

  5. on a mountain

  6. this is my rock + roll

  7. i got my mojo workin'

  8. wonderful

  9. oh god

  10. blues is the root

  11. my favourite punk tune

  12. base is the spine