October 2002 and 2003, plus November 2004, Extract took part in the Zappa Hoot Night in Austin, Texas. It's an event where bands play the music of Frank Zappa for a good cause: benefitting the American Cancer Society.

Brian Dean:

"Extract was formed in the fall of 2002 in Austin, Texas, by the same members of the band Grackle, specifically for the purpose of performing Frank Zappa music at the 1st annual Frank Zappa Hoot Night at The Cactus Cafe in the student union of the University of Texas campus on Tuesday night October 1, 2002.  Our band name was actually inspired by the Beefheart tune "Dirty Blue Gene" ("...it's extract...the shiny beast of thought....If you got ears...you gotta listen").
We returned the next year for Zappa Hoot Night #2 on Wed. night Oct., 8 2003 at the same location."

Band line-up:

Extract also played the 2004 Zappa Hoot Night, but (except for Brian Dean & Brendan Vlass) with a different line-up.




    from Brian Dean:
    november 2004

EXTRACT played at the Zappa Hoot Night #3 (also known as Zappafest III) to benefit the American Cancer Society at Ruta Maya International Headquarters in Austin, Texas.

The show was attended briefly by Terry Bozzio and son who each sat in with one of the other bands earlier in the evening. I'm sure the organizer Victor Bustos with Raised By Aliens could provide you with more details on that.The poster for the show is at: www.zappafest.com

This would be the update for the Extract page:

Zappa Hoot Night #3 was held Thursday November 11, 2004 at Ruta Maya International Headquarters in Austin, Texas.


* Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top * Latex Solar Beef * Wedding Dress Song/Handsome Cabin Boy * Panty Rap * Twenty Small Cigars (vibe solo) * Duodenum * Dropout Boogie * Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance * Wind Up Workin In A Gas Station

-- Brian Dean

    from Brian Dean:
    december 2004
    subject: Zappa Hoot Night #3

We had a great time that night.  If I didn't have to have a real job for a living, I would love to do a Zappa tribute band full time - maybe one day!  But for now, once-a-year hoot nights will have to suffice, while focusing on other non-Zappa projects.

Actually, I'd be scared to think what we could do devoting full-time to such a project...when its pretty amazing that we can do a decent job of pulling stuff like that off after only a week of rehearsal.  We're certainly not Zappa-band caliber musicians, but the heart is there.  Actually, when I moved to Austin 4 years ago, I had never played an instrument before I dropped $4000 on a vibraphone and started taking lessons - all with the intent of starting a Zappa/Beefheart tribute band that I had wanted to get together for many years...

-- Brian Dean 




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