farrell & black

cataract jump
    – incl. ‘road ladies’ (frank zappa) &
        'sho nuff n' yes i do' (van vliet)

1996 cd aus raven wood
1996 cd ger fritz records fr 952014-1

  richard farrell: guitar, harmonica, vocal
  jimmy carl black: drums, vocals
  uwe jesdinsky: bass
  klaus brosowski: organ
  steve clayton: piano and organ
  lee mayall: bariton, alto and tenor sax

produced by farrell & blackl

  1. hypnotized (farrell, lindfors, jesdinsky)
  2. two steps tot he rear (farrell)
  3. bobb sox baby (williams)
  4. big boss man (jimmy reed)
  5. grateful to be alive (farrell)
  6. you know it ain't right (walter jacobs)
  7. can't get over losin' you (farrell)
  8. dollar for dollar, pound for pound (farrell, lindfors, jesdinsky)
  9. texas tornado (big bill broonzy)
  10. wild about you baby (elmore james)
  11. sho nuff n' yes i do (don van vliet)
  12. last night (walter jacobs)
  13. sweet thing (farrell)
  14. i'll get over it in time (farrell)
  15. road ladies (frank zappa)
  16. cataract jump (farrell)