farrell / black band

black limousine

1999 cdr ger private release - ltd to 300 copies

richard ray farrell: vocals, guitar, harp
jimmy carl black: vocals, drums
uwe jesdinsy: bass
steve 'bigmann' clayton: piano
klaus brosowski: organ
tommy schneller: sax
bodo schoff: percussion
andreas hunke: piano

produced by richard ray farrell

  1. let's go ridin' tonight (farrell)
  2. natch'l man (farrell)
  3. black limousine (farrell / black)
  4. the indian of the group (farrell)
  5. jump back baby (farrell)
  6. i was alone (farrell)
  7. blond haired woman (black)
  8. there's still a flame (farrell)
  9. built for speed (farrell)
  10. whole life lovin' you (farrell)
  11. stick man (black / jesdinsky)
  12. somethin' on the side (farrell)
  13. mda blues (farrell)