flat earth society


2012 cd bel igloo igl239

recorded at studio toots, brussels, february 21 - 24, 2012, and at the academy of music in ghent on october 15, 2009

stefaan blancke: trombone 
benjamin boutreur: alto sax, recorder
berlinde deman: tuba 
bart maris: trumpet 
michel mast: tenor sax 
marc meeuwissen: trombone 
kristof roseeuw: double bass 
peter vandenberghe: keyboards, piano 
luc van lieshout: trumpet 
bruno vansina: baritone sax 
teun verbruggen: drums, percussion 
peter vermeersch: clarinet
pierre vervloesem: guitar
wim willaert: accordeon, keyboards
tom wouters: clarinet, vibes, vocals
john watts: voice  11

produced by peter vermeersch

  1. experiments in the revival of organisms

  2. sneak attack of the sponges

  3. patsy

  4. fast forward

  5. six pine trees

  6. stoptime rig  (arranged by peter vermeersch)

  7. raincheck  (lyrics by peter vermeersch)

  8. intersections

  9. goat's wool without abbas

  10. betwixt & between

  11. unconditional lucifer  (lysrics by john watts)

  12. meet luke devereaux

  13. domination of black  (lyrics by wallace stevens)