flat earth society


2006 cd bel bonk / crammed discs cram 128


bart maris: trumpet
benjamin boutreur: alto sax
berlinde deman: tuba
bruno vansina: baritone sax
kristof roseeuw: double bass
luc van lieshout: trumpet
marc meeuwissen: trombone
michel mast: tenor sax
peter vandenberghe: keyboards, piano
peter vermeersch: clarinet
roland van campenhout: guitar, vocals
stefaan blancke: trombone
teun verbruggen: drums, percussion
tom wouters: clarinet, vibraphone
wim willaert: accordeon, keyboards

produced by pierre vervloesem

all tracks composed and arranged by peter vermeersch

  1. anthem 2004

  2. clusterthing

  3. gulls & buoys

  4. edward, why don't you play some blues

  5. hilton's heaven

  6. in between rivers

  7. psychoscout

  8. lie to me

  9. without

  10. snaggletooth

  11. lax

  12. waterman

  13. ich, bin, george