filia irata

Filia Irata recorded a composition called 'Tilten & Pier', a German version of Frank Zappa's 'Titties and Beer'.
The track can be found on their "Tilten & Pier" album, and also on the "Des Mittelalters Weibliche Gesänge 1" compilation album.



  filia irata: tilten & pier
    (2004, cd, ger, rough trade 354.5011.2) - incl. 'tilten & pier' (= 'titties & beer' (frank zappa))

filia_irata_tilten.jpg (110647 bytes)

  various artists: des mittelalters weibliche gesänge 1
    (2004, cd, ger, angelstar spv cd 085-81862) - incl. 'tilten & pier' (= 'titties & beer' (frank zappa))


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