finnegans wake

Finnegans Wake is a belgian RIO/Avant-Prog band.

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Finnegans Wake was founded in 1993 by Henry Krutzen and Alain Lemaître, in Brussels, Belgium. The idea was to make progressive rock with influences from the 70s Canterbury Bands and modal jazz. Soon it turned out to be more influenced by contemporary classical music and electronics. After two first albums on Mellow Rec., FW moved to Musea/Gazul, Carbon-7 and finally to AltrOck italian production label. As Henry Krutzen moved to Brazil in 2001, the band had some group changes : keyboardist Jean-Louis Aucremanne left and guitarist Alexandre Moura-Barros entered the band. This new experience oriented furthermore the band's directions into "chamber rock", which was even more developed with the arrival, in 2007, of Marcílio Onofre on piano and keyboards. Richard Redcrossed wrote all lyrics of the albums until "4th" and was Finnegans Wake singer on "Pictures" and "4th". See Richard page on Myspace. After Richard Redcrossed,  Xóchil Schütz wrote the lyrics of the "Blue" album.

Alexandre Johnson entered in 2007; he has a master in music and is flute/recorder professor at the University of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil). Alexandre Johnson took part of many projects, from classical works to Brazilian instrumental music and North-eastern folk music. His latest project, to be released, is about bossa nova, "frevo" and "chorinho" pieces.

Henry Krutzen produced solo works, initiated with the 1980 "Silances" concrete experimental work, his Canterbury-like "Iceland" CD on Mellow Rec, classical piano pieces with "Che Vuoi?", chamber music with minimalism influences on the double "Play La Chance" and two electronics projects under the name Xeno.

Marcílio Onofre is an active Brazilian composer, pianist and music theorist. For complete biography.

Markus Stauss is a swiss saxophonist who entered the band in 2009.


1 finnegans wake: yellow
    (1994, cd, ??, mellow mmp 256)
2 finnegans wake: green
    (1998, cd, ??, mellow mmp 321)
3 finnegans wake: pictures
    (2001, cd, ??, gazul / musea ga 8649 AR)
4 finnegans wake: 4th
    (2004, cd, bel, carbon-7 c7 071/072)
5 finnegans wake: blue
    (2008, cd, italy, altrock alt-006)
6 finnegans wake: the bird and the sky above
    (2010, cd, switzerland, fazzul music fm 0828)

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