frank out!

it conquered the world - vol.2
    - incl. various frank zappa compositions

2020 cd ger private release


michael fritsche: lead vocals
thomas jung: keyboard, vocals
kai rotfuchs: guitar, vocals
george rademachter: guitar
jürgen kocher: bass
marco steffen: drums

cover painting by tim rothfuchs
all pieces by frank zappa, except where noted
produced by frank out!

  1. filthy habits
  2. sharleena
  3. i promise not to come in your mouth
  4. montana
  5. it conquered the world  (kai rothfuchs, thomas jung)
  6. i'm the slime
  7. nuts with scum  (kai rothfuchs, thomas jung)
  8. the return of the mongolian string bender
  9. yo' mama
  10. heavy duty judy
  11. of men and ducklings
  12. i have been in you
  13. prelude / jazz samukai
  14. eat that question
  15. the illinois enema bandit
  16. black napkins
  17. dirty love
  18. san ber'dino
  19. famous last words