frank out! featuring robert martin and albert wing

zappa spielt für bach
    - incl. various frank zappa compositions

2016 cd ger stiftung johann-sebastian

recorded by the ndr at the st. katharinenkirche, hamburg, july 2015

frank out!
  thomas jung: keyboard, vocals
  kai rotfuchs: guitar, vocals
  harry seibel: vocals
  george rademachter: guitar
  jürgen kocher: bass
  dieter steinmann: drums
  robert martin: keyboard, vocals, french horn
  albert wing: saxophone
  siglinde koch- sembdner: harp
  uwe warschkow: chromatic harmonica


  1. zoot allures  (frank zappa)
  2. society pages / carolina hard-core ecstasy  (frank zappa)
  3. trouble every day / zomby woof  (frank zappa)
  4. what's new in baltimore?  (frank zappa)
  5. arioso, f-dur, bwv  (j.s. bach)
  6. siciliano, es-dur, bwv  (j.s. bach)
  7. devil dance  (robert martin)
  8. peaches en regalia  (frank zappa)
  9. yo' mama / welcome to the united states  (frank zappa)
  10. love of my life  (frank zappa)
  11. whippin' post  (greg allman)