freak out

in the late sixties, in knittelfeld, austria, robert musenbichler, mike gärtner and charlie dienes formed a band called freak out, named after the first album of the mothers of invention.  subsequently, max weissenbäck, peter musenbichler and ivan miholic joined around 1970.
april 24, 1971, freak out played a concert in the klagenfurt concert hall, about 80 kilometers from knittelfeld, near the slovenian border.  parts of this 2 hour concert found their way to an album called "life".  besides various other coverversion (santana, east of eden, rolling stones,...), the album also presented frank zappa's 'son of genes'.  initially, only a couple of hundred copies were pressed, and it's the recent cd release that makes this music available again.


  freak out: jaming brother / crazy colours of life
    (1971, 7", austria, cosmos 2234)
  freak out: life
    (1971, lp, austria, cosmos 2235) - incl.'son of genes' (frank zappa)



the others of invention



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