barry goldberg

In 1966, Frank Zappa contributed to 'Carry On', a recording by Barry Goldberg.

Barry Goldberg is / was a white blues organist closely associated with Mike Bloomfield. Member of the Electric Flag.

The FZ connection cme about through Tom Wilson, who produced both the Mothers and Goldberg.

"I played the chords, and Bloomfield played the screeches. And they made this rhythm and blues record, which has a lot of words in it like 'baby'. But I'm sure it's very excellent. Maybe it doesn't even have the words in it like 'baby'. Maybe they got something psychedelic like 'mama'." --FZ, 12/22/66 


  barry goldberg: carry on / ronnie siegel from avenue l
    (1967, 7", usa, verve folkways kf 5045) - produced by tom wilson, feat.frank zappa on 'carry on'



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