the gamblers

Before The Mothers, Elliot Ingber had played in a band called The Moondogs. Around 1960, the line-up and the name changed into The Gamblers.

info from the net:
"There were several other artists who have been said to have played with this group. They are: Ted Marsh, Bruce Johnston (later with Beach Boys--played piano), Sandy Nelson (Teen Beat drummer) and Gary Paxton.The ³Moon Dawg! track was indeed recorded and released in 1960, technically a year before surf music“s official birth, but of the genre and style of the artform, so is included by most experts as historically belonging to the category. Like the Rumblers Church Key, Moon Dawg! was recorded by many other artists, including The
Rhythm Rockers, The Challengers, and The Beach Boys. But I like the Gamblers version best.  And no, LSD-25 was not a stupid drug song."

The Moon Dawg!' single can be found on the Rhino "Cowabunga!"compilation.
The Hollywood Tornadoes recorded 'Moon Dawg' at Paul Buff's PAL studio. The recording was engineered and produced by Frank Zappa.



  the gamblers: moon dawg / lsd-25
    (1960, 7", usa,
world pacific single #815)

gamblers_moon_dawg.jpg (33940 bytes)

  the gamblers: teen machine / tonky
    (1961, 7", usa, last chance 2) - feat. elliot ingber
  the hollywood gamblers: moon kat
    (1962, 7", usa, don 201) - feat. elliot ingber
  various artists: cowabunga! the surf box
    (19??, cd, usa, rhino r2 72418) - incl. the gamblers: moon dawg
  various artists: paul buff presents the pal and original sound studio archives, vol.10
    (2010, download, -, crossfire publications) - feat.contributions by frank zappa

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