1978 lp usa mca records mca-3188

recorded at columbia studios, san francisco, usa

greg errico: drums, synthesizer
carlos santana: guitar
herbie hancock: piano
lee oskar: harmonica
neal schon: guitars
mike carabello: organ, congas
greg rollie: organ
chepito areas: percussion
rico reyes: percussion
doug rauch: bass
mike garcia : vibes
wendy haas: piano, vocals
victor pantoja: congas
robert vega: fuzz bass
doug rodriguez: guitar
bianca thornton-oden: vocals
freddie pool: vocals
gene washington: vocals
linda tillery
: vocals
coke escovedo
: vocals
jody moreing: vocals

produced by greg errico

side one

  1. attitude
  2. they change it
  3. kilimanjaro - the village
  4. kilimanjaro - the summit

side two

  1. pancho villa
  2. fried neckbones and home fries
  3. in your heart