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From: Stu Mark <> - 2002/06/27 - Newsgroups:
Subject: Re: Gotan Project: "Chunga's Revenge"

TTuerff at wrote on 6/26/02 5:18 PM:

> Anybody have this? How's the rest of the CD?

gotan project is quite popular in france, italy and spain. All of their songs sound as 'dub remixes': double bass plus tight 'dub' drums. The bizarre thing about gotan project is that they have a bandoneon and a violin playing the melody lines. As if that wasn't enough to raise your interest, they do a really fine version of frank zappa's 'chunga's revenge' as well. Released on 10" vinyl and a couple of months later on their latest album.

"We love dub, they exclaim. "we love soundtrack music,İ andİ we wanted to discover something surprising that nobody would expect." With cover versions of the theme from Last Tango In Paris and even a dubbed-out take on Frank
Zappa's 'Chunga's Revenge', this was wilfully weird but strangely compelling music that ignored borders both geographical and musical, made accordians funky andİ inspired Europe's funk-loving vinyl fetishists.

Gotan Project is the Paris-based trio of Eduardo Makaroff, Philippe Cohen Solal and Christoph H Müller. Makaroff, originally from Argentina, plays sparkling acoustic guitar at the front while his European compadres operate the gear that produces the bass, drums and all the synthesised and sampled elements. Their clever arrangements, while paying hip service to current dancefloor conventions and spiced with dub and rock, are full of melodic, harmonic and emotional fragments taken from Argentinian nuevo tango. Flores, Vilallonga, pianist Gustavo Beytelmann and violinist Line Kruse complete the line-up. On numbers such as Santa Maria and Chunga's Revenge (yes, the Zappa composition), Beytelmann added explosive improvisations reminiscent of Anthony Coleman's anarchic role in Los Cubanos Postizos.

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