deluxe 2 cd set
gov't mule

heavy load blues

2021 2cd eu


deluxe edition is a 2 cd set

   warren haynes: guitar and vocals
  matt abts: drums
  danny louis: keyboards, guitar & backing vocals
  jorgen carlsson: bass
  pam fleming: trumpet
  jenny hill: sax
  buford o'sullivan: trombone
  hook herrera: harmonica

produced by warren haynes and john paterno

 cd one

  1. blues before sunrise  (elmore james, joe josea)
  2. hole in my soul  (warren haynes)
  3. wake up dead  (warren haynes, matt abts, danny louis, jorgen carlsson)
  4. love is a mean old world  (warren haynes, rick huckaby, ray sisk)
  5. snatch it back and hold it (amos wells blakemore jr) > hold it back (warren haynes, matt abts, danny louis, jorgen carlsson) > snatch it back and hold it  (amos wells blakemore jr)
  6. ain't no love in the heart of the city  (michael price, dan walsh)
  7. (brother bill) last clean shirt  (jerry leiber, mike stoller, charles otis)
  8. make it rain  (kathleen brennan, tom waits)
  9. heavy load  (warren haynes)
  10. feel like breaking up somebody's home  (alan jackson jr, timothy matthews)
  11. if heartaches were nickels  (warren haynes)
  12. i asked for water (she gave me gasoline)  (chester arthur burnett)
  13. black horizon  (warren haynes)

cd two

  1. hiding place  (warren haynes)
  2. you know my love  (willie dixon)
  3. street corner talking  (kim maiden simmonds)
  4. have mercy on the criminal  (bernie taupin, elton john)
  5. long distance call  (mckinley morganfield)
  6. feel like breaking up somebody's home (extended version)  ((alan jackson jr, timothy matthews)
  7. need your love so bad (live)  ((william edward joh, mertis john jr)
  8. good morning little school girl (live)  (sonny boy williamson)