gov't mule

the tel*star sessions

2016 cd eu

provogu prd 7490 2


recorded at the tel-star studios in bradenton, florida in september 1994 

 warren haynes: guitar and vocals
allen woody: bass
matt abts: drums, percussion


  1. blind man in the dark  (warren haynes)
  2. rocking horse  (warren haynes, allen woody, gregg allman, jack pearson))
  3. monkey hill  (warren haynes, allen woody)
  4. mr.big  (paul rodgers, andy fraser, simonn kirke,paul kossoff)
  5. the same thing  (willie dixon)
  6. mother earth  (peter chatman, louis simpkins)
  7. just got paid  (billy gibbons, bill hamm, frank beard)
  8. left coast groovies  (warren haynes, allen woody, matt abts)
  9. world of difference  (warren haynes)

    bonus track
  10. world of difference  (warren haynes)   (= alternate version, original mix)