gov't mule

holy haunted house

2008 2cd usa gov't mule


   warren haynes: guitar and vocals
  matt abts: drums, percussion
  danny louis: keyboards, vocals and other goodies
  andy hess: bass
  audley freed: guitar   (disc 2)


disc one

  1. play with fire
  2. time to confess
  3. million miles from yesterday
  4. rocking horse
  5. birth of the mule
  6. larger than life
  7. fallen down
  8. the other one jam
  9. blin man in the dark

disc two

  1. the song remains the same
  2. the rain song
  3. over the hills and far away
  4. the crunge
  5. dancing days
  6. drums
  7. d'yer mak'er
  8. no quarter
  9. the ocean
  10. come on into my kitchen
  11. 32/20 blues