the grandmothers

dreams on long play - revised version
    - feat. jimmy carl black  

2008 download - crossfire publications

downloadable version of the 1995 album, plus 6 bonus tracks

this is a (in part) re-recorded, remixed version of the 1993 album.

jimmy carl black: drums, indian drum, percussion
linda valdmets: violin, percussion, vocals
gerald 'eli' smith: woodwinds, vocals
ener bladezipper: bass, vocals, sometimes yeah
roland st.germain: guitar, keyboards, vocals
tomas ramirez: saxophone 8

  1. do it in the name of love (st.germain)
  2. waiting (black, smith, hogan)
  3. walk like a weasel (st.germain)
  4. not my problem (valdmets, st.germain)
  5. trail of tears (black)
  6. i've fallen and i can't get up (valdmets, st.germain)
  7. who did you love (black, bailey)
  8. manila gorilla (bladezipper, st.germain)
  9. who dicked who over (valdmets, st.germain)
  10. the great white buffalo (black, bailey)

    the bonus tracks
  11. taco soup in 7/4 (live at kut)

  12. let's make the water turn black (live at kut)

  13. the

  14. waiting (edit)

  15. lonesome cowboy burt (live at kut)

  16. i am the walrus

2008 09
from CDBaby

Jimmy Carl Black's Austin-based Grandmothers serve up their own twisted sense of reality in this revised album edition.

This edition of The Grandmothers was assembled in Austin, Texas in 1988 by Jimmy Carl Black with guitarist/vocalist Roland St. Germain, violinist Linda Valdmets, woodwind player Gerald "Eli" Smith and bassist Ener Bladezipper.

"Dreams On Long Play" appears in its revised version here. For some reason, the band was unhappy with it and re-recorded most of the album (the original version is available separately). Regardless, this edition also features the bonus tracks "Taco Soup In 7/4," covers of Frank Zappa's "Let's Make The Water Turn Black" and "Lonesome Cowboy Burt," the unedited version of "The," an edit of "Waiting" and a brilliant cover of The Beatles' "I Am The Walrus."