the grandmothers

who could imagine (5)
    - feat.jc black, bunk gardner, don preston
, roy estrada

1994 cd nl munich records netcd 53

jimmy carl black: drums, vocals, indian of the group
bunk gardner: tenor and alto sax, flutes, chef de cuisine
don preston: keyboards, vocals, gong, musical director
sandro oliva: guitar, guitar synth, vocals, italian of the group
ener bladezipper: bass, vocals, translator of the group
roy estrada: guest toilet vocals

  1. big culo
  2. who are the brain police
  3. lamont's lament
  4. willie the pimp
  5. neon meat dream of an octafish
  6. return of the son of big culo
  7. the welfare agency's security trick
  8. tenor sax is so sexy
  9. lonely lonely nights
  10. mom & dad
  11. hommage to tinguley
  12. holiday in berlin
  13. aybe sea
  14. who do you think you arf?
  15. silicone hump
  16. mystic hysterics
  17. garlic soup in an eastern place
  18. trapezoid
  19. help i'm a rock
  20. lamont's lament reprise
  21. who are the brain police