the grandmothers

eating the astoria (6)
    - feat. jimmy carl black, bunk gardner, sandro oliva

2000 cd i obvious music om gm0100

recorded live at the london astoria, march 13, 1998

jimmy carl black: vocals, percussion, indian of the group
bunk 'sweetpants' gardner: saxes, flute, chef de cuisine
sandro oliva: guitar, vocals, musical adviser
ener bladezipper: bass, vocals, tour manager
maurio andreoni: keyboards, wise man
steve b.roney: drums, vocals, fish
don preston: vocals, temporarely retired (again)

cover artwork by helmut king

  1. we are the grandmothers
  2. peaches en regalia
  3. mj
  4. teen-a-peek
  5. the big chaos
  6. call any vegetable
  7. invocation and ritual dance of the young pumpkin
  8. sleeping in a jar
  9. whoo uh
  10. lady queen bee
  11. love of my life
  12. hungry freaks daddy
  13. the great white buffalo
  14. big leg emma
  15. brown shoes donít make it
  16. junk food
  17. genes
  18. uncle meat
  19. oh no
  20. the orange county lumber truck
  21. trail of tears