the grandmothers

boulder theatre – us tour, 2000
    - feat.jc black, bunk gardner, don preston

200? 2cdr italy obvious music

jimmy carl black: lead vocals, percussion
don preston: keyboards, lead vocals
bunk gardner: saxes, flute, funny stories
sandro oliva:
guitars, lead vocals
ener bladezipper:
bass, vocals, road manager
steve b. roney: drums, vocals

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

disc one – 1st set

  1. the big chaos  (s.oliva)
  2. call any vegetable
  3. sleeping in a jar
  4. the eternal question  (d.preston)
  5. flower punk
  6. who are the brain police?
  7. holiday in berlin
  8. money  (bradford, gordy)
  9. steve rules  (baldasseroni, oliva)
  10. lady queen bee  (j.c. black)
  11. hungry freaks, daddy
  12. the great white buffalo  (black, bailey)

disc two – 2nd set

  1. new age mumbo jumbo  (d.preston)
  2. road ladies
  3. mother people
  4. the indian of the group  (r.farrell)
  5. junk food  (s.oliva) / genes  (f.zappa)
  6. king kong
  7. band intro
  8. big leg emma
  9. brown shoes don’t make it
  10. immaculate deception  (d.preston)
  11. uncle meat
  12. oh no
  13. orange county lumber truck
  14. trail of tears  (j.c. black)
  15. lonesome cowboy burt
  16. willie the pimp