gumbo variation

"Gumbo Variation began life in September 2012 in Old Buckenham, Norfolk. All of the band had been playing music for over five years and knew each other from school and other bands.

James (guitar), Ollie (guitar), Robin (bass) and Joe (drums) come up with their own original music by jamming regularly - and also learning the music of Frank Zappa! Their shared influences include FZ, Grateful Dead, ELP, Yes, Phish, Stanley Clarke, White Denim, Weather Report, Jethro Tull, Tame Impala and Snarky Puppy. Their music involves lengthy jamming and an eclectic mix of genres. They like to keep their songs free and different every time they play.

You can hear pretty much all of their live shows to date via their Facebook page ("

The band performed at the Moo-Ah Festival in Corby (UK) on March 8, 2013 and included a couple of Zappa tunes in their setlist. Below picture taken by Steffen Schindler.

Halfway 2016, the band changed their name to Guranfoe.

  various artists: rare episodes
    (2014, cd, uk, cordelia) - all compositions by frank zappa
rare_episodes_cordelia.jpg (36285 bytes)
  various artists: weasels re-ripped
    (2015, cd, uk, cordelia records cd062)
- feat. various artists performing the music of frank zappa

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