jerry goode

Jerry Goode was the producer of the 200 Motels movie.

random notes

AKA: Jerry Good, Jerry D. Good

     From: The True Story of 200 Motels
Interviewer: Why are you, as a producer, interested in making 200 Motels?

Jerry Goode: Strictly because of the uh, creative aspects of it.  I think what Frank has done creatively, from a musical point of view as well as storytelling point of view is so fresh, that it uh, excited us, that's why we really got involved, and I think he's a brilliant talent, and uh, the whole feeling of 200 Motels from the point of view of what he is trying to say...

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.  What is he trying to say?

     From: Patrick Neve (
While the above on-camera interview is taking place, the following text is superimposed over Jerry Goode's image: 

   In order to "balance the
   film budget", Mr. Goode
   ordered that all original
   video master tapes be erased
   and sold as "Used Stock".

   Net benefit: under $4000.00
   Net loss: all unused scenes from "200 MOTELS".

      From: The True Story of 200 Motels
Interviewer: Do you expect any problems with the censors?

Jerry Goode: I can't answer that, I really can't, honestly, I can't.

Interviewer: Well, you are in the business...

Jerry Goode: I think that uh, there will obviously be a problem in the United States, in foreign countries I don't think there will be that problem, but in all honesty, heyond the lyrical content of the picture it is not a obscene picture in any sense of the  word.  It's... it's more anti-sex than it is pro-sex. 

Interviewer: Do you see any commercial potential in it?

Jerry Goode: I sure as hell hope so!




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