paul green's band of monkeys

Paul Green visited the Zappanale festival for a number of years. Students of the Paul Green School Of Rock performed since 2003.

In 2010, Paul Green's Band Of Monkeys also performed at Zappanale, performing a set of seventies rock classics.

In 2016, Paul Green returned to Zappanale with students from the Paul Green Rock Academy.



paul green's band of monkeys: zappanale 21
    (2010, dvdr, ger, private release)

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  • 2010/08/13
    • setlist
      • combination of the two (big brother & the holding company)
      • tomorrow never knows (beatles)

      • no quarter (led zeppelin)

      • woodstock (joni mitchell -arrangement csn&y)

      • send me a postcard (shocking blue)

      • she said she said (beatles)

      • instrumental

      • manic depressions (jimi hendrix)

      • satisfaction (rolling stones)

      • machine gun (jimi hendrix)

      • the battle of evermore (led zeppelin)

      • white rabbit (jefferson airplane)

      • summertime (gershwin -arrangement big brother & the holding company)

      • sing a simple song (sly & the family stone)

      • us and them (pink floyd)

      • any colour you like / echoes / eclipse (pink floyd)

      • announcements (jim cohen)

      • ball and chain (big brother & the holding company)
    • a recording of the concert was released on dvdr






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