bob harris

the great nostalgia  (1)

1986 lp usa mastahna records ma-419

only 500 copies of this album were pressed

re-released with 6 bonus tracks on cd in 2007

bob harris: vocals, trumpet, keyboards
billy james: percussion, tablas
ric cunningham: alto sax (on 3)
stuart hamm: bass (on 3)
suzannah harris: vocals (on 3, 6)
martin schwartz: acoustic and electric guitars (on 3, 6)
ronnie sweeting: background vocals (on 3, 6)
corinne larue: background vocals (on 3)
steve vai: electric sitar (on 5)
tommy mars: recorder and blue moon (on 5)

all songs by bob harris

side one

  1. the great nostalgia
  2. message from the shore
  3. the flower

side two

  1. there's still hope
  2. autumn in nepal
  3. ageless love