charles et les lulus

charles et les lulus
    - incl.'gimme that harp boy' (van vliet)

1991 cd ger virgin 261.722
1991 cd nl virgin 7878622

recorded at bsb studios brussels, april 1991

arno hintjens: vocals
roland vancampenhout: guitar
adriano cominotto: accordion, keys
piet jorens: percussion

  1. ants in my tea  (hintjens, cominotto, vancampenhout)
  2. it's all over now  (b.womack)
  3. little red rooster  (w.dixon)
  4. gimme that harp, boy  (d.van vliet)
  5. too high to eat  (fraternity of man)
  6. stealin'  (traditional)
  7. drink till i sink  (hintjens, cominotto, vancampenhout, jorens)
  8. eyesight to the blind  (sonnyboy williamson)
  9. going back into the night  (hintjens, cominotto, vancampenhout)
  10. rythm of the sea  (hintjens, cominotto)
  11. walkin' the dog  (rufus thomas)
  12. la paloma  (traditional, p.albert)