half man

red harring
    - incl. 'willie the pimp' (f.zappa)

2002 cd it beard of stars records boscd23

  janne bengtsson: vocals, lead guitar, harmonica
  roger bengtsson: drums, percussion
  peter lilja: guitar
  patric carlsson: bass
  mattias nilsson: guitar  7

  1. repulsion (carlsson, bengtsson, bengtsson)
  2. too late (carlsson)
  3. pigns in space (bengtssosn, lilja, carsson, bengtsson)
  4. sunday morning is coming down (carlsson, bengtsson)
  5. willie the pimp (f.zappa)
  6. sugar mama (j.l. hooker, carlsson, bengtsson, bengtsson, lilja)
  7. departed souls (carlsson, bengtsson, bengtsson, lilja)
  8. same thing on my mind (trad.)
  9. grass stains (carlsson, bengtsson)
  10. journey into darkness (carlsson, bengtsson, wallin)
  11. hard road (carlsson, bengtsson)
  12. no title (carlsson, bengtsson)