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1997 cd bel sadef

frank nuyts: marimba, korg o1w, programming and conducting
iris de blaere: yamaha grantouch
frank debruyne: soprano sax, tenor sax, percussion
frederik croene: roland u-220, roland r-8
jan desmet: drums
maļ nuyts: percussion, korg ow1, backing vocals
walter van hyfte: korg m1
bart coppe: trumpet, percussion
chris vandenberghe: trombone, percussion
annalivia bekaert: vocals
birger brackez: percussion
pieter claus: percussion

produced by guido de leeuw

all texts and songs by frank nuyts

  1. touch of steel
  2. my name is luiz c.
  3. cold calypso
  4. iron leaves
  5. bolore
  6. deaf by techno