ensemble vocal féminin héliade

The Ensemble vocal féminin Héliade got created in 2000 by Elčne Golgevit.
The ensemble has recorded one album with works by
Nystedt, Rautavaara, Pärt, Poulenc, Caplet, Pasquet, Di Tucci and Holst.

The Ensemble vocal féminin Héliade, directed by Elčne Golgevit, performed a number of Frank Zappa pieces at the "Festival Présences" in Paris, France, November 2009.
The piece was entitled 'Romantic Medley', performed by the Ensemble vocal féminin Héliade and Simon Fournier, récitant, and arranged by Walter Boudreau.


2009/11/13 - 15

Festival Présences - année 2010

13 Novembre 2009 ŕ 20:00

14 Novembre 2009 ŕ 18:00

15 Novembre 2009 ŕ 18:00



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