hello skinny

Tom Skinner called his band 'Hello Skinny'.
Probably because he's called Skinner, but also because he knows about The Residents.

He included a coverversion of The Residents' 'Hello Skinny' on his eponymous first album.
Out on Slowfoot Records, both on CD & LP. And probably as some sort of download as well.

The "Leaving Jet Trails" sampler includes a remixed version of the 'Hello Skinny' track.


  hello skinny: s/t
    (2012, cd, uk, slowfoot records slocd019) - incl. 'hello skinny' (the residents)

helloskinny_cd.jpg (24236 bytes)

  various artists: leaving jet trails...
    (2012, cd, uk, slowfoot records slocd020) - incl. hello skinny: 'hello skinny' (the residents)

leavingjettrails_cd.jpg (16878 bytes)



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