humble grumble

flanders fields

2011 cd italy altorck records alt-016


  jonathan callens: drums, backing vocals
  jouni isoherranen: bass, backing vocals
  gabor humble vörös: guitar, vocals
  pol mareen: saxophone
  pedro guridi: clarinets, backing vocal
  pieter claus: marimba, vibraphone, percussion
  lisa jordens: backing vocals
  hanneke oosterlijnck: backing vocals
  joriska vanhaelewyn: backing vocals
  juan carlos torres iturra: spanish vocals
  leika mochan: backing vocals
  attila czigany: harmonica
  joris buysse: flute
  fre vandaele: whistle
  wouter vandenabeele: violin
  megan quill: vocals
  franciska roose: vocals

produced by humble grumble

  1. sirens dance
  2. aging backwards
  3. flanders fields
  4. sleepless night
  5. horny
  6. little bird
  7. duck on a walk
  8. the greatest kcik of the day
  9. never lose your mind
  10. love song
  11. purple frog