Hogwash performed at the Moo-Ah festival  in Corby (UK). They performed on Saturday, 2013/03/09.

From the Moo-Ah introduction
Hogwash are guaranteed to give you a good night out, playing classic songs from the 1970s. You better beware, you better take care, you better watch out if you've got light blue hair. Pretend you are a teenager again. Dance a lot. Drink a lot. Sing a lot. And in the morning, suffer a lot!

Cum on feel the noize as Sex God (vocals), The V (guitar), Helium (bass/pink hair) and Big G (drums) turn it up to eleven and those memories come flooding back.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The band is only known as Hogwash in Corby; they have to play under a pseudonym everywhere else! (www.sweet70s.co.uk)




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