the honeymoon killers

sing sing (1984-1994)
    - incl. 'trouble comin' every day' (frank zappa)

1996 2cd ?? sympathy for the record industry 369

jack martin: guitar
kurt hoffman: tenor sax
tony lee: guitar
john linnell: baritone sax
frank london: trumpet
justin williams: drums
jon spencer: guitar
russell simins: drums
sally barry: bass, drums, vocals
judah bauer: organ, guitar, harp
jerry teel: guitar, piano, bongos, drums, harp, vocals
lisa wells: bass, drums, viola, vocals
josh curts: guitar, drums
sandra hamburg: piano
dan kroha: guitar
hollis queens: drums
cristina martinez: guitar

  1. ubangi stomp (underwood)
  2. what thing? (teel, wells)
  3. uum boy, you're my baby (johnson)
  4. looking for money (urban)
  5. gimme some money (urban)
  6. boogie man boogie (teel)
  7. oh yeah! (barry, teel)
  8. dazed and confused (page)
  9. crazy daisy (barry, teel)
  10. basket case (barry, teel, wells)
  11. godzilla
  12. back door santa (carter, daniel)
  13. dolly w/a dick (barry, martinez, teel, wells)
  14. puddin' cups (teel)
  15. too much (barry, teel, wells)
  16. hard life (teel, wells)
  17. teenage head (jordan, loney)
  18. just don't know (mc five)
  19. hawaiian boogie (hall, simins, teel, wells)
  20. reflections on a plane trip home
  21. who's drivin' your plane? (jagger, richards)
  22. subway rider blues (kroha, teel)
  23. livin' in a basement (simins, teel, wells)
  24. she's wrong (saxon)
  25. laugh at me (bono)
  26. devil doll (teel, wells)
  27. boogie man boogie reprise (teel)
  28. love my life away (pitney)
  29. world gone mad (queens, teel, wells)
  30. what you gonna do? (traditional)
  31. milt's the man (bauer, curts; teel)
  32. honey do you love me? (simins, teel)
  33. stoned again (martin, teel)
  34. trampled under foot (jones, page, plant)
  35. one fine day (teel)
  36. who's drivin your plane? (jagger, richards)
  37. dead again (bauer, simins, teel, wells)
  38. sound of flowers (martin, teel)
  39. suppertime blues (hall, loose, teel, wells)
  40. trouble comin' every day (frank zappa)
  41. all the time (curts, teel)
  42. bringin' me down (curts, teel)
  43. my baby's alright (bauer, teel, wells)
  44. thinkin' man blues (teel)
  45. trouble blues (simins, teel, wells)
  46. honey doo jam (hall, lee, teel, wells, williams)
  47. mad woman blues (simins, spencer, teel, wells)
  48. devil jump (simins, spencer, teel, wells)
  49. jonestown boogie (hoffman, simins, teel, wells)
  50. quittin' time (simins, spencer, teel, wells)
  51. joe's house (bauer, teel)
  52. kaw-liga (rose, williams)
  53. chicken pickin' (simins, spencer, teel)
  54. love is all around (presley)
  55. come on (teel)