hot fur

hot fur

2005 cd france musea fgbg

recorded in israel in 1998

lior frenkel: guitars, voice, synths
nadav bachar: guitars
shaul eshet: keyboards
oran ben avi: saxophones
lior ron: trumpet
ben hendler: bass
erez koskas: drums
yael kraus: vocals
noa frenkel: alto singer on 10
sagi shutrit: voice on 9

produced by lior frenkel

all music composed and arranged by lior frenkl,
except 'the end of the play' composed by nadav bachar & lior frenkel

  1. adventure in space
  2. there's a face in the sky
  3. moon
  4. sabres
  5. habhabibi give me a kiss
  6. ladies & gentlemen
  7. johnny baby's nightmare
  8. man & ape
  9. the end of the play
  10. heretz
  11. 5 camels
  12. tomatoes