the hurricane brass band

the hurricane brass band performed with zappa during the 1974/07/15 concert in chalmette, louisiana.


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from the affz newsgroup - 2002/01/10

Charles Ulrich says...
At the 7/15/74 show in Chalmette, Louisiana, the Hurricane Brass Band joined in on "Apostrophe". They also played after the Mothers were finished. The members of that band were then in their teens (trumpeter Leroy Jones was 16). Many of them were later in the Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

Jon Naurin added:
I want a title of the tune they played after the concert. One guy believes it's an extremely jazzed-up version of "If Ever I Cease To Love", which is the official anthem of Mardi Gras. Any thoughts on this from the very few of you who have this show?
The Hurricane Brass band was hired to greet Zappa and the band at the airport, and upon seeing them, zappa dug them so much he invited them to come up on stage that night.
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