(2010, cd, uk, captain trip records ctcd-650)
(2010, cdr-promo, uk, captain trip records)

mammal machine

"mitsugi" - esoteric rituals

2010 cd japan captain trip records ctcd-650

    (2010, cdr-promo, uk, captain trip)

recorded in june and september 2010

yumi hara cawkwell: vocals & keyboard
rie miyazaki: bass guitar & additional vocals on track 8
mitsuru tabata: guitar
yasuyuki watanabe: drums & percussion

all music written by yh cawkwell, r miyazaki, m tabata & y watanabe

produced by rie miyazaki & yumi hara cawkwell

  1. das glasperlenspiel
  2. tale of eight dogs
  3. aquatic mammal suite - whale - dugong - dolphin - orca
  4. the don't look prohibition
  5. quagga
  6. esoteric ritual
  7. the lost primer for the secret doctrine
  8. fledermäuse auf der autobahn
  9. pferdeeisenbahn
  10. ten ox herdling pictures
  11. the lsot archive of the bmic