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Mark Harp resided in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He started playing music in 1969 and has contributed to numerous LPs, EPs, singles and compilation tracsk.  He also recorded a couple of Frank Zappa compositions over the years. And also a Residents track.

  • Recorded 'Magic Fingers' in 1979 on a cheap 2 track.
  • Bought a home studio in 1988
  • Recorded The Residents' 'Perfect Love' in 1989
  • Recorded 'Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy' in 1995
  • Recorded 'Peaches En Regalia' in 1997
  • Recorded 'Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance' in 2003 as Corky Niedermayer with some help from The Diamondheads' drummer
  • Recorded Any Way The Wind Blows in 2003 as a member of The Diamondheads.

The latter two appeared on the Zappa Surf compilation that got compiled by Alan Jenkins. It got released in 2004.

December 3rd 2004? Mark Harp passed away after a sudden and catostrophic illness.

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  various artists: lemme take you to the beach
    (2004, cd, uk, cordelia records cd035) - all compositions by frank zappa


Mark Harp's personal file looked like this:

First Zappa LP  Chunga's Revenge
Favorite Zappa LP  Roxy And Elsewhere
Favorite version of the band  the entire Ruth Underwood era
Favorite guitarist  Snakefinger
Saw Zappa live twice in late 70's
Saw (and met) Snakefinger live twice in early 80's
Been playing music since 1969


random notes


He currently plays bass for The Diamondheads
and 4 string guitar for the Motor Morons

Recordings of some of these tracks circulate.


In the earnest desire to help keep information current, I am saddened to inform you Mark Harp passed away December 3rd 2004 after a sudden and catostrophic illness.
Mark was one of my dearest friends and we shared a love of great music. We often enjoyed Zappa's music (I saw Frank on the Them or Us tour) over coffee and sweets.
Sorry to offer a depressing update during the holiday but I just put up a memorial page of sorts on Face Book  (look for: Mark Harp - Electric Markyland) and I noticed the info on your site.

Great respect,

Brandon Welch


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