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from "Dave Aerni Presents The Best Of The Aertaun, Daani, Ador & Daytone Labels" liner notes by Greg Russo:
Things were quiet until April 1966, when Aertaun released the Ray Holland & The Lilly Cups single “King Of The Beasts”/ “Gotta Go To Vietnam.” Both sides were Holland originals and were unique R&B-based artifacts of the era.


  various artists: dave aerni presents the best of the aertaun, daani, ador & daytone labels
    (2010, download, -, crossfire publications) - feat.contributions by frank zappa

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  various artists: paul buff presents the pal and original sound studio archives: the collection
    (2011, flash-drive, usa, crossfire publications) = the complete 35 album series, with bonus liner notes on pdf and 56 extra tracks
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