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Ex-leader of The Soft Boys, Robyn Hitchcock has performed various Van Vliet compositions live in concert: 'Big Eyed Beans From Venus', 'Clear Spot', 'Orange Claw Hammer', 'My Human Gets Me Blues' and 'Neon Meate Dream Of An Octafish'.

June 2011, Roby Hitchcock and his Imaginary Band performed the complete Captain Beefheart "Clear Spot" album at a number of concerts.





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from RH's website - june 2011


To celebrate Captain Beefheart and his life on Earth, Robyn Hitchcock and the Imaginary Band will perform the album 'Clear Spot' and a few other Beefheart compositions at the Garage, London, June 3th and Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham, June 4th. "In the early Soft Boys we tried to cross Abbey Road  with Trout Mask Replica", says Robyn: "It didn't always work but it was some hybrid. The most exciting show I've ever seen was Beefheart and The Magic Band in 1973. This won't be as accurate as the John French/Magic Band gigs a few years back, but Clear Spot is quite a party album, and we're planning to have quite a party". The Imaginary Band will be Paul Noble and Terry Edwards on guitars and bass, Jenny Adejayan on cello, and Stephen Irvine on drums.

June 3, 2011 - London, UK at The Garage

June 4, 2011 - Cheltenham, UK at Wychwood Festival

Bath Fringe Festival  

June 5, 2011 - Spiegeltent, UK at Bath Fringe Festival (Robyn plays solo acoustic and then performs the Clear Spot show with the Imaginary Band)


RH performs two classic records with The Imaginary Band on June 24th at Glastonbury in the Spirit Of '71 tent.  Between 10:30 and midnight they will play UNDERWATER MOONLIGHT by The Soft Boys and CLEAR SPOT by Captain Beefheart.  There will be a short commercial fracture between the two albums.







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