hal iwasa

in the early eighties, hal iwasa was part of nazo-nazo shokai, a japanese band that also recorded some zappa material.  hal iwasa also made midi recordings of a lot of zappa tunes.  some of these can / could be found on the internet.

    1. alien orifice
    2. aybe sea
    3. be bop tango
    4. black page #1
    5. black page #2  (drum parts were coded by mr.noboru maruyama)
    6. dancin' fool
    7. dog/meat
    8. theme from lumpy gravy
    9. mr. green genes
    10. hungry freaks, daddy
    11. inca roads
    12. let's make the water turn black
    13. love of my life
    14. take your clothes off when you dance
    15. oh no/orange county lumber truck
    16. peaches en regalia
    17. sleep dirt
    18. sofa
    19. son of suzy creamcheese
    20. strictly genteel
    21. village of the sun
    22. you didn't try to call me
    23. she painted up her face

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